Hello World! Ropriately identify and intervene with patients who misuse and/or abuse alcohol and other drugs. milkpaint.com/ibe-buy-cheap-viagra-canada-bz/ Dr. Miller’s health services research focuses on using computer-assisted instruction to overcome health literacy barriers. viagra samples Computer-assisted instruction, or using computers to deliver an educational message, offers many advantages over traditional printed brochures and medical lectures. Namely, computer-based educational programs can engage the adult learner through multimedia, interactivity, and custom tailoring of the message. viagra tablets order online By using audio, video, graphics, and animations, computer-assisted instruction can also overcome the literacy barriers that affect approximately one-third of americans. Dr. viagra without a doctor prescription Miller’s recently completed research projects include a randomized-controlled trial of a web-based colorectal cancer screening decision aid for low literacy individuals, funded by a career development award from the american cancer society. The decision aid is freely available for viewing at intmedweb. viagra online holland Wakehealth. Edu/choice/choice. tesco price for viagra Html. viagra cost David mount, md, has been awarded a minority supplement from the nih-sponsored look ahead and accord clinical trials. generic viagra online Carolyn f. Pedley, md, continues her work with the nih-sponsored accord trial. safe take viagra age 20 Action to control cardiovascular risk in diabetes trial (accord), and is the pi in another nih-sponsored study,â  systolic blood pressure intervention trial (sprint), which will evaluate the benefits of tight blood pressure control in patients with high risk factors for cardiovascular events. â  she is also the copi of care now, a grant funded by medicaid to improve clinical outcomes in high risk medicaid patients utilizing health navigators at wake forest university downtown health plaza. â  she is coinvestigator in the help pd trial, which is a nih funded study to prevent diabetes in high risk individuals through a program of weight loss, through diet and exercise, utilizing health advisors. She is pi in the tecos trial, a multicentered trial sponsored by merck and managed by duke clinical research institute, to evaluate the cardiac benefits of sitagliptin in high risk diabetics. â â  back to top last updated 4/12/2012 quick reference research office of researchâ  336-716-4548 wake forest university graduate school of arts & sciences apply to graduate school apply to a postdoc program office. fda approved uses for viagra